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Les enfants veulent juste jouer. Alors laissez-les! Nos salopettes et combinaisons pour enfants sont extrêmement résistantes, durables et confortables - essentielles pour les jeunes actifs qui veulent juste explorer.

Kids Apparel by WASH Clothing Company

Dungarees are back and kids love them! They are stylish, comfortable and easy to wear, and they look great. What’s not to love? With Dungarees, kids can get dressed themselves and feel proud of their accomplishment.

Parents will also find it easier to dress their ‘difficult to dress’ kids since Dungarees just slip right on and buckle at the top! No zippers, no fumbling with snaps and no cinching up waistbands. That might even be the reason many adults like Dungarees as well!

What Styles of Kids Apparel are Available?

Both Boys and Girls Dungarees are made from 100% cotton. The LIBBY Girls Slim Fit Denim Dungarees are made from a medium weight denim and are durable and long lasting. The slim fit and pink stitch detail gives a modern and stylish look to these bib-overalls, which are available in Indigo and Pale Wash.

Our BOYS SLIM FIT DENIM DUNGAREES have styles in Black, Dark and Light Wash. These rough and tumble bib-overalls are durable and long lasting. They’re machine washable and so are ideal for active kids. The slim fit gives a modern and stylish look to dungarees. They come complete with adjustable straps, zip fly and side button fastening.

The PUMPKIN Wide Leg Jumpsuit for Girls is a lightweight Culotte Dress, with overlay and bow detail and is perfect for parties and special occasions. It comes with adjustable button straps and a back zip. Finally, the lightweight SUGARPLUM Sleeveless Cropped Jumpsuit for Girls is perfect for every occasion. It’s an easy throw on piece for when your little one just wants to play. It’s finished with button straps and adjustable ties at waist. Both Jumpsuits are constructed from hard wearing 100% viscose.