Bio-Baumwolle Kollektion

Wash Clothing Organic Cotton Collection

Check out our new organic cotton women's clothing range, including organic denim skirts, jeans, pinafores and dungarees. They all come with a free Mini Repair Kit for minor repairs that you can do at home.  We hope you will love your new Wash Clothing Co. apparel and want it to last so we also offer a free repair service for those repairs you can’t do at home. We’ll repair your  garment and return it to you, so that you can enjoy wearing it for many years to come.

Why is Organic Cotton better for People and the Planet?

The Soil Association has this to say about organic cotton: 'Organic farming works in harmony with nature.  Farmers make the most of natural systems and cycles to grow their crops and it all starts with the soil. By looking after the world beneath our feet, farmers are able to grow healthy and resilient crops.  Using techniques like crop rotation, green manures and composting, healthy soils lead to healthy harvests. And because toxic hazardous pesticides and artificial fertilisers are banned, biodiversity is boosted and natural forms of pest control are used instead.'

How to Care for Organic Cotton Clothing

Organic cotton is not treated with chemicals so you need to know how to launder and care for it so that it looks good and lasts for longer.

Machine Wash at 30°C or Lower - Organic cotton is not treated to reduce the shrinkage effect so it should not be subjected to high washing or drying temperatures. So if you need to tumble dry garments make sure you have the temperature on low. Preferably hang your garments to dry or line dry outside out of direct sunlight.

Wash organic cotton garments inside out as colour may transfer. This is because chemical colour fixatives are not used and some dye bleed can occur in the first few washes.

Warm iron if necessary - Organic cotton isn't trreated with anti-wrinkle chemicals, so it can crease easily. Don't leave garments in the washing machine for polonged periods of time after the wash cycle has finished as this will result in more creasing.  If the garment needs ironing it is recommended that you iron at a low temperature when it is still damp.

Do not Dry Clean - the high heat used will cause the material to shrink and the chemical solvents used in the dry cleaning process can weaken the fibre strength of organic cotton.