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Who Wears Bib Overalls?

Posted by Paul Clapham on
Frontal, full-length model wearing our khaki, cotton jersey, wide-leg dungaree, paired with white t-shirt and trainers.

1. Who Wears Full Length Overalls?

Just about anyone can wear long overalls which are available in classic denim as well as corduroy, linen and cotton mixes. Take a look at this great article to see Alexa Chung's take on denimwear and dungarees. It's a fairly old article but as denim's so timeless, it's just as relevant today! From babies, through children and teens up to adult men and women and seniors, everyone is wearing Overalls.

Why is it that long dungarees or bib-overalls can be worn by so many people?

Well overalls can be stylish, but they are also comfortable, easy to wear and can be paired with just about anything. For building workers, painters and plumbers, overalls are functional and practical made of hardwearing material with lots of useful pockets. For children, dungarees are practical but also as playful and fun as they are. For anyone who just wants to look good in the clothes they are wearing, dungarees are the perfect choice.

Choosing Long Bib-Overalls

Classic Denim Overalls

Available for men and women in many denim washes, find the pair that works best with your wardrobe. A lighter-weight denim will look more casual, while a heavier one will have more structure. Don't forget to take stretch into consideration. Some denim overalls have some stretch which makes for easier movement. Make sure to sit down and move around when you try them on to see that they fit well and are comfortable to wear.

Front shot with head cropped and hands in front pockets, wearing ladies classic denim bib overalls with turn-ups.

Wide Leg Linen Overalls for Women

Ideal for vacations, holidays and days out, the oversized linen overall is comfy, breathable, and the ultimate casual wardrobe staple.

Cotton Jersey Overalls for Women

Another softer, lighter alternative to denim is cotton jersey. This fabric is fantastic if you are sitting around for long periods of time, like on a plane or car journey where thicker heavier denim might get uncomfortable.

Loose Fit, Regular Fit or Skinny Fit Overalls?

Ladies - This is personal preference but the style that flatters most body types is one with a form-fitted leg and a little slouch on the top half. Skinny fit Overalls are a good option if you generally think overalls are too sloppy. Boyfriend fit or relaxed fit give a more casual look and more ease of movement and breathing room.

Men – Again this comes down to preference – if you are used to wearing skinny jeans then you may prefer tight fitting bib overalls. Otherwise you can choose a regular, traditional fit which are slightly relaxed for ease of movement. There are also many fashion overalls for men in relaxed or super loose fit which give a comfortable casual feel.

Frontal of men's skinny fit green denim dungarees styled with black t-shirt.

Work and Gardening Overalls

Lots of people buy dungarees or bib-overalls for workwear, this includes DIY and gardening. The reason is that dungarees are hardwearing and practical with lots of useful pockets! If you want dungarees for workwear purposes you should probably go for a looser fit for ease of movement, even a larger size if you want to wear them over your normal clothes for protection.

Overalls for Kids

Most kids love dungarees and they are definitely a practical alternative for play clothes. Dungarees are generally hardwearing and easy to throw in the washing machine if they get dirty when your little darlings have been out playing in them! The other major plus is that they have adjustable straps and can potentially last longer than regular jeans or trousers which is important in this day and age when everyone is trying to buy less clothing and get maximum wear out of it.

Young girl sitting on the floor wearing indigo denim dungarees paired with hooped black and white t-shirt.

2. Overall Shorts or Short Dungarees or Shortalls

Whatever you call them they are a casual-cool look that can be worn by women and men. They are great as a simple summer alternative to regular shorts and are a staple fashion choice for Summer Music Festivals.

Ladies’ Overall Shorts

They are the cutest of the overall family and provide an easy all-in-one outfit. Wear them casually with a crop top or graphic tee and sneakers or dress them up with dramatic accessories and heels.

Men’s Overall Shorts

Guys - step out of your comfort zone and be festival and vacation ready with some classic five pocket denim or cotton dungaree shorts! We’re told that they are ultra-comfortable and easy to wear – not for everyone but those who love them, really love them!

Choosing Short Bib-Overalls

Oversized or Regular Fit?

Choose a loose-fitting pair of overall shorts for maximum comfort and a casual slouchy look, but it is really personal preference.

Denim or Not?

Remember overall shorts don’t have to be classic denim, there are many cotton or cotton mix varieties available if you are looking for something lighter weight.

Here's a nice bit of traditional dungaree styling:

3. Overall Dresses, Pinafores and Bib-skirts

The overall dress is the less tomboyish version of Bib-overalls. Much like the bib-overall, the overall dress has dungaree-style straps on top but then takes on the form of a dress on the bottom half. It's an all-in-one piece that is super simple to wear and comes with endless styling possibilities.

Different Types of Overall Dress

  • Length – Overall dresses are available in short, midi and long lengths so take your pick!
  • Style – Overall dresses are available in many different styles including classic full bib style, pinafore style and just straps with no bib.
  • Material – Classic denim is a perennial favourite shortly followed by corduroy but other fabrics like cotton and cotton mixes are also available.

4. Maternity Overalls

When you’re pregnant finding clothes that are comfortable suddenly becomes a priority. Maternity dungarees are the perfect pregnancy outfit: comfortable, stylish and versatile. They are adjustable to accommodate the growing bump and can therefore be worn throughout the pregnancy.

5. Dungarees & Overalls from Wash Clothing Company

How can you be sure that you are getting the right pair of Overalls for you? Overalls from Wash Clothing Company come in a wide range of styles and colours and every pair is manufactured to the highest standards of quality. Why does Wash Clothing Company go to such lengths to create a great range of overalls? Why, to ensure that everyone, young and old, can have a quality pair of dungarees that they will look and feel good wearing, of course!

Here's a short video containing 10 stylish people styling a single pair of overalls. Whose look would you wear?

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