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Wash Clothing Out in the Real World

Posted by Paul Clapham on
Rear view of model in countryside wearing garments from WASH Clothing Company's Spring-Summer 2021 collection.

These fabulous photos of some of our latest Wash products out in the real world were taken by photographer Harry Renton this Spring.

Model wearing Vera Organic Workwear Jacket with WASH tote bag over shoulder.

Model sitting on tree stump wearing Vera Organic Workwear Jacket with WASH tote bag over shoulder.

About Harry

Harry is a photographer from the Peak District who found his love for photography through a passion of the outdoors and seeking new adventures.

"Photography has grounded me in the everyday and I find joy in documenting all aspects of everyday life, from the mountains to the streets. Simply these images are documents of the days that I hold dear.

I focus closely on sustainability and the use of natural, long lasting materials in clothing. As a photographer I wish to inspire those of love the outdoors to also care for it and respect it, being mindful about where and what they buy."

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Model looking straight ahead wearing WASH Denim Jacket next to tree canopy.

Midriff view of model wearing Vera Organic Workwear Jacket from WASH CLothing Company with clear view of corozo buttons, revealing 'Oui' Organic Hoodie in Navy underneath.

We asked Harry to share his inspiration behind this shoot

"There’s this moment in Spring where winter still holds it’s grip quiet firmly but the sun shines. There are brief moments of warmth when you walk in the sunshine, watch as snowdrops bloom and see the tiny buds appear on the trees. No way near warm enough to start walking in t-shirts but it makes you want to explore now that the landscape is starting to grow and come alive again. So on with the hoodies, overshirt, beanie and out of the door we go."

Model in countryside stepping through the 'v' of a tree branch wearing garments from WASH clothing company.

Walking side-view of model wearing Vera Organic Workwear Jacket with WASH tote bag over shoulder.

"For all my love of Autumn and Winter there is something very hopeful about the coming of Spring. Days become longer; colour starts to come back to the world in all manner of shades rather than rusty colours of fall. The clouds break long enough for warm sunlight to hit your face and you smile knowing that for the next 6 months of the year they will be warm, occasionally wet but brighter. It’s inspiring and something I think we all look forward to; the coming of summer and longer, brighter days."

Model standing in the curner of field, adjusting 'Sinead' Cuffed Beanie in Navy.

Close-up view of Sinead Navy-Blue Cuffed Beanie on bed of moss.

The products featured in this shoot include the Vera Organic Workwear Jacket, the Sinead Cuffed Beanie in Navy and the Oui Organic Hoodie in Navy.

Shop the Organic Collection here.

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