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6 Different Shoes to Wear with Denim and Cord Skirts

Posted by Paul Clapham on
Short stonewash denim skirt styled with red sweatshirt and white sneakers.

6 Footwear Suggestions To Go With Your Denim and Cord Skirts

Cool Boots

Invest in a pair of good quality long boots which look great with a denim short skirt and opaque tights for the autumn/winter season. Keep it flat or go for a low-ish heel. Match with a casual shirt, a jacket or a chunky cardigan and you’re good to go for colder days.

Fashionable ankle-high booties are also incredibly popular at the moment. Pair these with mid-length skirts or ankle-length cord or denim skirts for a stylish yet modest look.

Chunky Shoes

Chunky Brogues, Doc Marten shoes or boots or thick-soled ugly trainers look fantastic styled with a denim or cord skirt for an alternative fashion look. However, we don’t recommend you wear chunky shoes with a minimalist look or they will become the focus of your outfit. Pair chunky shoes with several layers on the top with your skirt to help balance out the outfit!

Hi-Tops & Trainers

Denim skirt

Classic Converse Hi-Tops or the latest sneakers are a fantastic partner to denim in any form and come in a large range of colours and patterns. Pair with a mid-length denim or black corduroy skirt and a graphic hoodie or sweater for a modern streetwear style. Sneaks are suitable for all year-round casual wear apart from snowy or very wet weather of course!

Heels & Wedges

If you want to take your denim skirt outfit from a day time look to an evening look then a great way to do this is to change into high heels or fashionable wedges. This look probably works best with a denim midi skirt and can also be used with a black or indigo denim skirt and a blazer to put together an office-smart look.

Black denim midi skirt styled with animal print spiky heels.

Ballet Flats

A dark denim mini skirt and brightly coloured shoes are a winning combination, so if the weather allows, you can’t go wrong with cute, colourful ballet pumps. Or pair your short cord skirt with dark coloured ballet flats and an oversized jacket for an androgynous twist.


Flat Strappy sandals or sandals that have a small heel look good combined with bare legs and a denim jean skirt for essential summer holiday and festival wear. Many styles of smart sandals also go well with a mid-length denim skirt to make a stylish outfit for work.

Stonewash denim pencil skirt styled with flat sandals.

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