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Kids Love Dungarees!

Posted by Paul Clapham on
Young girl sat cross-legged on box, wearing hard-wearing blue denim dungarees.

Dungarees Are Ideal For Kids AND Parents!

Infants playing inside cart in denim dungarees.

We can sometimes find it difficult to dress our children. While we might have our own ideas of what does and doesn’t look stylish, they will have their own and if the two clash, there is usually trouble. As parents, we do our best to let our kids be as independent as possible so they can learn and grow, but we still can’t let them go out of the house dressed in whatever they pulled out of their chest of drawers in the morning. There has to be a middle ground where you both agree on their look and everybody is happy. Is there really such a thing?

Fortunately, there is, and mums, dads and children can all breathe a sigh of relief. What is that fashion middle ground where both parents and kids are happy? It comes in the form of dungarees. Yes, dungarees, just like you wore in the 90’s and your parents wore in the 70’s.

Dungarees Are Back!

Girls leaning against painted brick wall wearing dark, loose-fitting dungaree jumpsuit from Wash Clothing Company.

Dungarees are back and kids and teens love them! They are stylish, comfortable and easy to wear, and they look great. What’s not to love? With bib-overalls, kids can get dressed themselves and feel proud of their accomplishment. Parents will also find it easier to dress their ‘difficult to dress’ kids since dungarees just slip right on and buckle at the top! No zippers, no fumbling with snaps and no cinching up waistbands. That might even be the reason many adults like dungarees as well!

Another reason dungarees are perfect for kids is that they are durable. Kids can get as dirty as they like when playing outside and mums can simply throw them in the laundry without much fuss. Have to make a quick run to the shops? Kids dungarees can go from playtime to errands with mum in no time.

Endless Varieties Of Dungaree

Finally, dungarees are available in a wide range of colours, materials and styles. This means that kids can get just the look they want and parents get a range of options when creating their kids’ looks. A quality pair of children’s dungarees from Wash Clothing Company are the perfect style choice when you and your kids don’t see eye to eye.

Boy wearing dark blue denim dungarees with white-t-shirt and mirror shades.

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